Devon Principle

From the traderfeed blog

“the Devon Principle

Everything we do in life–our work, recreation, relationships–is a mirror. It reflects an image of ourselves back to us. If we’re doing the wrong things in life, the mirror reflects a distorted image. Over time, we begin to mistake that image for reality. We really do think of ourselves as lazy or incompetent.

When we do the work we’re meant to do, however, the mirror reflects the best of who we are. Over time, we internalize that image and the pride and confidence that go with it.

People who are successful–in life and in markets–find positive mirrors. They have found markets and ways of trading that reflect back to them unique skills and talents. They enjoy relationships that reflect love, caring, and respect and, as a result, they feel those things for themselves. “You are what you eat,” is an old saying. The Devon Principle says that we’re always eating life experience. We’re always internalizing what our activities reflect to us. And we will always live up to the image of that reflection.

So I say to you what I said to Devon: There is some sphere of life in which you already are the person you want to be. The key is to find those activities and relationships and organize your time around them. Find the trading where you’re at your best and make that your specialty. Or maybe trading isn’t where you’re at your best; perhaps a far better mirror awaits you.

The Devon Principle points out that how you feel about yourself is not simply the result of something inside you. It is a function of the relationship you have with your activities: what you actually are doing in your life.

Do the right things, and you will be the hero of your own life story.”


~ by searching4alpha on October 27, 2007.

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