Romantic Revulsion in the New Century: Flaw-O-Matic 2.0


Very interesting article in the NYTimes.

Excerpts:  “Just as Darwin could have predicted, the researchers have found that women are pickier than men. While men concentrate mainly on looks and will ask out a lot of women as long as they’re above a certain threshold of attractiveness, women focus on fewer prospects.”

Yawn……but then it gets intersting.

“They found that a 5-foot-8 man was just as successful in getting dates as a 6-footer if he made more money — precisely $146,000 a year more. For a 5-foot-2 man, the number was $277,000. “

Online dating reveals the most exquisite calibrations of the Flaw-O-Matic because the daters fill out questionnaires listing more attributes than could ever fit in a personal ad. They can spend all day finding minute faults in hundreds of potential partners. But that’s also why so many people never make a lasting match.

“When you have all these criteria to consider, and so many people to choose from, you start striving for perfection,” Dr. Ariely says. “You don’t want to settle for someone who’s not ideal in height, age, religion and 45 other dimensions.”

It’s the same problem afflicting New Yorkers: with so many prospects in the big city, they refuse to stop searching.”

But why are more matches found during say speed dating when the sample size gets so much smaller and a time constraint is added? READ THE ARTICLE. 😉


~ by searching4alpha on April 12, 2007.

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