Why Vote when you can bet? :D


Why vote when you can BET?  Slate breaks down Political Markets.  As an example, check out the Obama contract shown above.  A few months back it was trading 7-10 dollars.  Today its over 30+….. i.e buying 10 grand of the Obama contract at 10 you could now sell it for 30 grand…….20 GRAND for 3 months work, not to bad eh?

But what’s the risk…….well if he isn’t the nominee the contract is going to zero and you would eventually lose your 10 grand…….but if he is the nominee…….the contact goes to 100!  That’s right……your 10 grand is now 100,000.00!!!!!

Inbetween now and the election the contract will fluncuate much like a stock would…..good news and it goes up, bad news and it goes down.

Will he be the Nominee for the Dems……hell if I know, do you?  If so put your money where your mouth is, hey it can’t be any more risky than those like say this one new-century.png yikes from 50 last summer to bankruptcy today.  Caveat emptor.  😉


~ by searching4alpha on April 7, 2007.

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