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Occasionally I will spotlight interstesting blogs that I come across that may interest others. Below is the first of these. A blog titled “The Genius in All of Us” is written by David Shenk, who is blogging while writing a book on Where Greatness comes from.

His introduction, “Welcome

In this blog, I’ll be introducing data and articulating themes related to my book-in-progress, which is tentatively entitled, “The Genius In All of Us: Nature, Nurture and the New Science of Talent and Giftedness.” It’s my sixth book, and will be published by Doubleday hopefully sometime before my daughter graduates from college (she’s in 4th grade now).

Where does greatness come from? How did Mozart become Mozart or Tiger Woods become Tiger Woods? How does one 10 year-old develop perfect pitch while his kid brother can’t even get through “Happy Birthday” without scaring people out of the room? The search for the root of talent and “giftedness” is an old and contentious one, and has high-stakes implications. A century-old nature vs. nurture debate has continuously flummoxed scientists and inflamed popular discourse.

Now, thanks to a gym full of new science, there is a new, third way to understand talent, giftedness, and extraordinary achievement. The details are tricky, but the message and implications are clear.

Over the next few months, I’ll be presenting research that fleshes out this new way of understanding the source of greatness. I ask for your skepticism and openness, and for your observations and personal experience. If this subject is important to you, please help me flesh out my ideas so we can make this a provocative and compelling book.



Not just is the subject of interest to me but I am also intrigued by his willingness to post his research along the way in order to “draw critiques, questions, suggestions, and stories of your personal experience.

The Genius in ALL of Us


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