Going Solo…


We have all been there. Alone. Sometimes you have plans and the other person cancels, or even sometimes you just want to see movie alone or grab a bite to eat at somewhere nice and your the only one. Should you automatically feel you have to sit at the bar just because its only you. :-S I say hell no…..and increasingly others are saying the same thing.

Going Solo -The Pleasures of Dining Alone

And from the NYTimes:

All By Themselves

” A few weeks ago, in the span of just a few days, I twice noticed something I don’t see all that often in relatively fancy restaurants: someone dining alone.

I don’t mean at the bar — I see people dining alone at bars all the time. I don’t mean at communal tables, which serve the function of giving the solo diner camouflage, making it difficult for any observer to identify him or her as a lone ranger.

I mean at tables intended for two in the middle of dining rooms filled with groups of three, four or more. And I mean at dinnertime, when a solo diner is more likely to arouse curiosity or even pity, more likely to feel conspicuous.

The two diners I saw seemed untroubled by that. One of them, spotted at Tocqueville, was leafing through some documents. The other, spotted at Eleven Madison Park, took in the room around him and chatted amiably with passing servers. Both were men, and that, it seems, wasn’t a coincidence. Restaurant managers tell me that men are much more likely to dine alone than women are.

They tell me, too, that solo diners pop up more frequently than you might think, and slightly more frequently than they did in the past. As the ranks of sophisticated food lovers expand, the number of them who aren’t going to let a lack of company get in the way of a nice dinner out also grows, according to the managers I talked to. These managers said the increase isn’t enormous, but it’s noticeable.



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