Welcome to Searching4Alpha

The idea for this website was born while reading one of the many investment websites that I read every day, SeekingAlpha. The term “Alpha” is just a fancy word that traders and money managers use to refer to how they or the securities they pick are performing relative to the market. The market meaning the index that they benchmark. In the world of finance its really pretty simple, people get paid what they are worth. If you generate Alpha (better returns than everyone else) your going to get paid for it and in general your life is going to be better for it. In othr words, Alpha is what we (yes I’m a trader :-)) strive for at work.

Well as I have gotten older I realize the same thing applies to life. “Alpha” is out there in many forms, there are articles, blogs, tv shows, musicians, etc, etc, that outperform everybody else. Alpha is this sense is the “good stuff”. The stuff we hope we don’t miss because there is a pay off, even if its just a good laugh. Unfortunately this outpefromance isn’t as easy to measure as a fund managers return vs. the S&P but its out there. And as subjective as it is, my goal here is to find it.

So this blog is mainly about personal Alpha. The Alpha I and my friends (who will be posting here occassionally) see and come across daily or weekly. Some of it will be our own posts but most of it will come via the RSS feeds and sites like Digg and Reddit that we read and enjoy. In the end the blogs goal is 4 fold, to educate, stimulate, amuse and entertain, with all four of those goals hopefully allowing you to generate some additional Alpha in your life.

So welcome to Searching4Alpha. Please bear with us through the month of January as neither I nor my friends who are involved in this blog have never owned a domain name or blogged before. We are TOTAL novices and I am telling you in advance we are not good spellers, computer guru’s, or anything like that. In fact just getting an RSS feed setup was a challenge for me a few months ago. So bear with us as we figure out what a blog roll is, how to post pictures, and how to enable comments.

Cheers All…


~ by searching4alpha on January 3, 2007.

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